Europe of the Carpathians is open to the young

Europe of the Carpathians is open to the young

The Europe of the Carpathians International Conference has a history of more than 20 years. This means that it has itself become an adult part of the European exchange of ideas. Future leaders in the world of economy, art, politics are also entering this adulthood. Europe of the Carpathians has been making room for the young during its panels for years.

We turn to young European leaders from the world of politics and media to talk about their involvement in shaping the future of our continent.

It’s been more than three decades since the Iron Curtain broke down. The two lungs of Europe have united around fundamental values such as democracy, freedom and the pursuit of peace.

We want to find answers to the questions: How visible are the traces of the former division today? How do we improve our knowledge of each other? Can we speak of an emerging new Central European identity?

The meetings are also an opportunity for international cooperation on often very regional topics. Identity building is inseparable from small homelands, steeped in culture, shaped by the specific history of places.

We are united by common ideas. Subjective assessments differ. However, the Europe of the Carpathians is a bridge that provides an opportunity for understanding and building a secure future.

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